The following videos I've produced, directed, and edited.  In some cases, I've also filmed and/or performed within them.

Right On Cue Services - Introduction to Show|Ready

Right On Cue Services - How Show|Ready Helps You

Artie Hemphill and Lindsey Stirling - You Don't Know Her Like I Do

Artie Hemphill - I Drive Your Truck

Artie Hemphill and Maddie Wilson - Highway Don't Care

Artie Hemphill and Salt Lake Pops - Wanted

Artie Hemphill - Wagon Wheel

Artie Hemphill - Makin' Hay

Artie Hemphill - Cowboys and Angels

Artie Hemphill - God Gave Me You

Artie Hemphill - O Come Emmanuel

Maddie Wilson - Mistie Girl

Maddie Wilson - Good Girl

Morrow Hill - Rose Anchor

Wedding Proposal


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