Music production has always been a passion of mine.  Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing artists and showcase my work in some incredible venues, including 53+ million views/listens on YouTube, film, television, and radio.  Notable talent includes Lindsey Stirling, Donny and Marie Osmond, Merrill Osmond, Keith Allen, Maddie Wilson, the Salt Lake Pops Orchestra, Artie Hemphill and more.  

I opened Sapphire Studios in 2010.  Current rates are $65/hr.  Let's chat about your project!  Quotes are available on request.

Feel free to take a listen by clicking the audio link on the left.


  • Advanced Audio CM12 (2)
  • AKG C1000S
  • AKG C200B (2)
  • AKG C414B ULS (2)
  • Audix D1
  • Audix D2 (2)
  • Audix D4
  • Audix D6
  • Earthworks TC-30 (2)
  • Neumann TLM103
  • Oktava MK-012 (2)
  • Shure Beta 52
  • Shure KSM32 (2)
  • Shure SM57 (2)
  • Focusrite Red
  • Presonus Digimax LT
  • Neve 517 Portico
  • Apogee Big Ben
  • Motu 2408
  • Summit Audio DCL-200
  • JBL LSR6300
  • Tannoy Reveal 601a
  • M-Audio Studiophone BX-5a
  • Hammond C3
  • Hammond XK3
  • Kurzweil K2600XS
  • Leslie 145 w/ Combo Pre
  • Marshall JMP
Sound Library
  • East West Symphonic Orchestra
  • NI Komplete
  • NI Studio Drummer
  • East West Quantum Leap Pianos
  • Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
  • Sonic Projects OP-X
  • VB3


I've produced several music videos and even a mock movie trailer that I used in theater for my own marriage proposal video which went viral on YouTube.  Quotes are available for your project on request.

Please check out some of that work by clicking the video link on the left.


  • Canon T3i
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • EF 24-70 f/2.8L USM
  • Manfrotto HD502DV
  • EF 50 f/1.4 USM
  • Tokina 12-24 f/4


I've planned several concerts, weddings, and corporate events.  I've spec'd sound, lighting, and entertainment for several high profile clients including Nike, Adobe, Kahn Air, IFA and several more.

Check out my work by clicking the events link on the left.

Live Sound

I love to mix live sound, and have the equipment to do so, especially for live bands and corporate events.  Many of the events mentioned above used my live sound rig.  Tim McGraw sang through my equipment during a high-profile wedding I mixed.  If you need superb audio for your next live event, please contact me.


  • Behringer X32 Mixing Desk
  • Sennheiser EW 500-945 G3 Wireless Microphone
  • Behringer S16 Digital Snakes
  • Whirlwind Subsnakes
  • Sennheiser IEM G3 In-Ear Monitors
  • All above mentioned recording equipment.


If you have a project, idea, are in need of professional services, or you'd just like to say hello, please drop me a line!  I would love to help you out!

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